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Lera Kozina was born in 1970.
She studied at the Art School and finished it in 1985. In 1989 she graduated from the Moscow Art College. Lera is a member of the Moscow Artists Union, the Russian Artists Professional Union and the International Artists Federation. Her paintings have been exhibited since 1991.
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"The Stain. The form. A subject. A condition."The central House of the Artist
2005 Арт-fair " The best art galleries
2005 "From color to light " The central House of the Artist
2005 "Modest charm of painting "The central House of the Artist
2004 "LL Wordwide",Amsterdam, Nederlands
2004 The Exhibition of Monumental Art , Moscow
2004 "Paradise" Gallery, Moscow
2004 The Exhibition " Women and Man", Moscow Artists Union
2003 "Paradise" Gallery, Moscow
2003 Exhibition in private art gallery, city of De-Wijk, the Netherlands
2002 The Exhibition of monumental Art in the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2002 "Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis" museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002 Exhibition dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the Moscow Artists Union
2001 Permanent exhibition at the elite German furniture shop "VK-interior", Moscow
2000 "Paradise" gallery at the Rollan Cultural Centre, Moscow
1999 "Kunst aus Russland" gallery, Hamburg
1999 "Menzel Kunst & Antiquitaten"gallery, Hamburg
1999 "Katelbax" gallery, Hamburg
1995 "Teodor Bank", Moscow

«Russian Gallery», Tallin
2005 The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Moscow
2005 Exclusive personal exhibition in a country house of family Gronfeldt, Hamburg, Germany
2004 "Forma Interieurs", Amsterdam, Nederlands
2004 French Embassy, Moscow
2003 "Style 1900 Arts & Grafts", Amsterdam, Nederlands
2003 "Geisinger & Freunde", Hamburg, Germany
2003 "Style 1900 Arts & Grafts", Amsterdam, Nederlands
2002 Moscow Artists Union, White Hall, Moscow
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