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Was born in Moscow in Oct. 27, 1959.


1977-1977 Moscow Fine Art school, named after V.I.Surikov

1977-1982 Moscow High Art Industrial Academy (former Academy named after Duke Serge Stroganoff) faculty of design.


Since 1984 member of the Youth union of artists of the USSR

Since 1992 member of the Union of Artiests of Russia

For many years he was a member of Moscow Medal Club. Design helped him to go over from working on surface to space sculpture on his words. Since 1988, using mixed techniques and various materials: ceramics, wood, metal and acrylic, Kirill Protopopov has worked above the theme of Old and New Testament sculpture, which was first exhibited in 1993 in the MARS Gallery.

In the next years there were created the following collections: «People and Lions» (1993–1995), «Paradise Birds» (1996), «Objects from the sky» (1997–1998), «Going within Time» (1999–2000), «Rhein Angels» (2001–2002), each of which represents sculptures made of bronze, decorated with half-precious stones.

At the present moment Kirill Protopopov is working in the direction of constant search, trying to connect a heritage of ancient cultures with the modern civilization. consists of works from the series: «The keepers of the Town», «Holy Animals», «Going Figures», where he uses kinetic elements, mixedcolor tonality of bronze and stone, which symbolize eternal life circulation, simultaneously being the keepers of eternal spiritual values.


1988 The Millennium of Russian Culture. Moscow.
1989 Eberle Gallery. Stuttgart.
1990 IX Biennale Internationale Dantesca. Ravenna.
1991 Nikholay Roerich Museum. New York.
1993 MARS Gallery. Moscow.
1993 Badisches Landes Museum. Karlsruhe.
1993 XAC Multicult Gallery. Frankfurt / M
1994 «Russian Collection» part I
1995 MARS Gallery. Moscow.
1995 Gallery St. Eberhard. Stuttgart.
1995 California Museum of Art. Santa Rosa.
1995 «Russian Collection» part II, MARS Gallery. Moscow.
1996 Russian Gallery on Vozdvizhenka. Moscow.
1996 Inter ART Manege 96'. Moscow.
1996 Post Denmark Museum. Kopengagen.
1997 Inter ART Manege 97'. Moscow.
1998 Moscow Inter ART Salon. Moscow.
1998 EUROART 98'. Barselona.
1998 Pan Dan Gallery. Moscow.
1999 Moscow Inter ART Salon. Moscow.
1999 EUROART 99'.Jeneva.
1999 Galerie D'ART Conteporani. Costa Brava.
2000 Moscow Inter ART Salon, project: «CINEMA 2000». Moscow.
2000 RINGSPIEL Gallery. Hannover.
2001 Moscow Inter ART Salon, project: «WORLD LAKE 2001». Moscow.
2002 Moscow Inter ART Salon. Moscow.
2003 The 70years of Moscow Union of Artiests Manege. Moscow.
2003 Peter Batkin and operation smile-benefit auction of cor temporary Russisn art. Moscow.
2004 Charity Auction with the support of Sotheby's Contemporary russian art. Moscow.
2005 Group exhibition, Noordeinde gallery , DEN HAAG, Netherlands.
2005 Moscow Inter ART Salon. Moscow.
2005 Hummer centre. Moscow
2006 Gala and Live Auction. Moscow.
2006 Diema's Dream Foundation live auction. Moscow.
2006 Sulpture in winter garden. Moscow.
2006 Benefit Auction with the support of Christie's contemporary Russian Art. Moscow
2006 Voorwoord Holland Art Fair
2006 Art fair Naarden, Netherlands, KUNST & ANTIEKWEEKEND NAARDEN VESTING
2007 Art fair Naarden, Netherlands, KUNST & ANTIEKWEEKEND NAARDEN VESTING
2007 PRIMAVERA, Roterdam art fair, Nedhelands.


State Tretyakov gallery
State History Museum of Moscow
Nikholay Roerich Museum in New York
Alrxander Palace collection in Tsarskoe Selo
Post Denmark Museun, Copenhagen
Museun of Medal, Telsiai, Lithuania


Germany, Holland, Canada, Russia, USA, France, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand.