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He was born in 1967 in Moscow. Graduated from the Moscow arts school and,then,went on getting his education in the studio of the famous Soviet sculptor L. Kerbel at the sculpture department of the Surikov Moscow Arts Academic Institute.

The disciple did not fail his master. Kirillov’s diploma work was haghly praised by the examining commission and sent to the exhibition of young European artists in Paris (UNESCO). Then, there was a three year internship with studios of the Russian Academy of Arts. The well earned result of the internship was a bas-relief of Roman Ryazansky on the southern facade wall of the restored Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

The decoratative,almost weightless plastic of his works is balancing on the verge of transparent graphics.
A sculpture , traditionally heave and voluminous,appears airy and light,organically fitting in the space of the surrounding modern world .That is the way art experts descraibe creative works of Vadim Kirillov, probably one of the most interesting young artists in the Russian capital.

Vadim’s creative ideas are in demand. He authored a monument erected in 1999 in the city of Kashira to mark the 200th birthday of the great national poet Alexander Pushkin. Kirillov’s works that impress the public include the high relief of Dr. France Preseren,a Slovenian poet and the author of the national anthem, which was installed at the embassy of Slovenia in Moscow; sculptured violins for the municipality of Monte Carlo.
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