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The young artist Valeria Kozina was born in Podolsk in 1970. After attending school in her home town she gained her diploma at the "Pamjati 1905 goda" college of arts in Moscow. Since 1991 she has held regular exhibitions, in recent years mostly in Moscow and Hamburg.
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Her main exhibitions were held in:

2006 January-february "The Stain. The form. A subject. A condition" The central House of the Artist, gallery "EXPO - 88"
2006 February Personal Exhibition, Tallin, Estonia
2006 October Арт-fair " The best art galleries ", ''City and Word"
2006 November Personal Exhibition, gallery " EXPO - 88"

2005 March-June Personal Exhibition, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Moscow
2005 June " From color to light " The central House of the Artist
2005 October Арт-fair " The best art galleries", gallery " EXPO - 88
2005 October Exclusive personal exhibition in a country house of family Gronfeldt, Hamburg, Germany
2005 November "Modest charm of painting "The central House of the Artist

2004 January "LL Wordwide",Amsterdam, the Nederlands
2004 January-february "Forma Interieurs", Amsterdam, the Nederlands
2004 February The Exhibition of Monumental Art , Moscow
2004 June Personal Exhibition, French Embassy, Moscow
2004 Desember The Exhibition " Women and Man", Moscow Artists Union

2003 March "Paradise" Gallery, Moscow
2003 September Exhibition in private art gallery, city of De-Wijk, the Netherlands
2003 November "Geisinger & Freunde", Hamburg, Germany

2002 Decemb-January The Exhibition of monumental Art in the Central House of Artists, Moscow
2002 March Personal Exhibition, Moscow Artists Union, White Hall, Moscow
2002 June "Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis" museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2002 December Exhibition dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the Moscow Artists Unioner "Style 1900 Arts & Grafts", 2002 2002 Amsterdam, the Nederlands

2001 Permanent exhibition at the elite German furniture shop "VK-interior", Moscow

"Paradise" gallery at the Rollan Cultural Centre, Moscow

1999 June-August "Kunst aus Russland" gallery, Hamburg
1999 October "Menzel Kunst & Antiquitaten"gallery, Hamburg
1999 December "Katelbax" gallery, Hamburg

1995 March-August "Teodor Bank", Moscow
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